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Understand EcoArmour™

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Understand EcoArmour™

EcoArmour Weather Proof

Weather Proof

EcoArmour’s™ non-flammable crust holds the substrate underneath in place, eliminating erosion caused by rain and wind.


Strength with Immediate Erosion Control

EcoArmour™ forms a hydrophobic fibre matrix to allow for strength, providing immediate erosion control.

EcoArmour Minimal Preparation

Minimal Preparation

EcoArmour™ has the ability to blanket rough and uneven surfaces.

EcoArmour Fast and Safe Application

Fast & Safe Application

Multiple application methods to ensure safe and efficient access for installation.

EcoArmour Set and Forget

Set & Forget

No maintenance is required once EcoArmour™ is installed, lasting in excess of 20 years.

EcoArmour Colour Matching

Colour Matching

A colouring agent can be added to achieve a tailored colour upon application.

Australian designed and manufactured, EcoArmour™ is a synthetic erosion control blanket that has been designed to be sprayed through high-pressure hydroseeder equipment. Once sprayed, it dries and sets in a matter of hours, providing extended high-shear resistant erosion control.

EcoArmour’s™ advanced technology means that it will stabilise surfaces in excess of 20 years, making it the ideal erosion control and stabilisation product for vertical walls, roadside batters, steep slopes, drains, and all substrates including compacted clay, rock, sand, sandy loam, dispersive soils, and any soils that are extremely difficult to manage and access.

Already in
use by...
EcoArmour Mining
Mining The challenges faced when working and dealing within the mining sector makes our EcoArmour™ solution exciting for mine operators and their operations.
EcoArmour Civil and Public Works
Civil & Public Works Reducing the costs of construction whilst maintaining integrity and adhering to safety regulations is paramount. Our solution has been proven to address both.
EcoArmour Rail
Rail The need for fast and durable installation has brought railway companies to utilise EcoArmour™ in multiple projects across the country.
EcoArmour Defence
Defence Make the most of EcoArmour’s™ durability and longevity by eliminating the difficulties of stabilising areas within and around explosives and ordnances.
EcoArmour Agriculture
Agriculture A fast, inexpensive and eco-friendly solution which provides technical and environmental benefits over conventional solutions.
EcoArmour Road
Road Our engineered solution is ideal for slope, embankment and retaining walls often utilised in transport infrastructure projects.
EcoArmour Utilities
Utilities EcoArmour’s™ innovation represents an efficient, rapid and cost-effective alternative solution for the stabilisation of drains and swales, levees and bund and culvert linings.
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EcoArmour™ Examples

A Greener Erosion Control Blanket

EcoArmour™ is a highly effective erosion control blanket (ECB), unlike conventional ECBs, EcoArmour™ allows for quicker and safer installation, a true alternative to Shotcrete, Geosynthetics and Geotextiles.

Australian Made

EcoArmour Australian Made

and owned

Ease of application


Trained technicians can install up to 1 hectare of EcoArmour™ per day.

Via truck mounted cannon for large open areas...
...or hand held hose for hard to reach and restricted areas.
is up to
less than conventional methods

10x faster

Projects can be completed up to 10 times faster than alternative erosion control methods on the market

Control erosion and storm water management

functional longevity


Engineered for superior protection against Australia’s toughest weather conditions.

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Trusted by EcoArmour Client EcoArmour Client EcoArmour Client EcoArmour Client EcoArmour Client EcoArmour Client and others!

Frequently asked questions

EcoArmour™ Erosion Control Blanket

What is EcoArmour™?

EcoArmour™ is an engineered, high-performance Erosion Control Blanket that has been designed to provide superior erosion control for all substrate types.

Can I purchase and install EcoArmour™ myself?

EcoArmour™ has been designed to be pneumatically projected at high velocity utilising specialist hydroseeding equipment. We are a solution-based company focused on providing end-to-end solutions for Australian Industries, therefor at this time we do not sell EcoArmour™ as a standalone product.

Is a warranty provided?

We are able to offer our clients a 10-year warranty under our Supply, Apply, Guarantee initiative in conjunction with our installers, Spray Grass Australia.

Can EcoArmour™ be used in residential projects?

We currently do not provide services for residential projects.

How long after application will erosion control be achieved?

As one of the most innovative erosion control products on the market, EcoArmour™ provides 100% erosion control within 3-4 hours after application.

Which companies have installed EcoArmour™?

Companies that have utilised EcoArmour™ for projects around Australia include V/Line, Global Rail, GHD, Coleman Rail and the Australian Defence Department to name a few.

How waterproof is EcoArmour™?

EcoArmour™ has the addition of hydrophobic minerals added to the composition of materials resulting in excellent impermeability levels. This has been tested utilising ‘coefficient of permeability’ value K measurement, representing the rate of waterflow through the area of material.

Technical Specifications

A blend of minerals, interlocking fibres and specialty binders form EcoArmour’s™ durable, non-flammable crust, creating a high strength, ultra-low porosity membrane. The specialty binders adhere to and incorporate themselves into the substrate below, forming a tough, resilient cover that is also flexible enough to bind and move with the ground below it, eliminating cracking of the coating. It has been designed to prevent erosion caused by rain, wind and overland flow, with the strength to withstand severe rain and wind events.

EcoArmour Cross Section

EcoArmour Tick Forms a hydrophobic fibre matrix for strength and durability

EcoArmour Tick Extremely high bonding characteristics

EcoArmour Tick High compressive and flexural strengths

EcoArmour Tick Completely non-shrink

Format / Application

With the ability to be applied safe and efficiently, EcoArmour™ is pneumatically projected at high velocity utilising specialist hydroseeding equipment, meaning that application takes days, not weeks. EcoArmour™ dries quickly, with the ability to withstand moderate rain events after 3 hours and requires no further maintenance.

Minimal preparation is required prior to the application of EcoArmour™. Where vegetation must be removed, along with fallen debris. Where substrates are unable to be compacted, however, an emulsion application can be undertaken prior to EcoArmour™ installation.

Packaging & Appearance

EcoArmour Bulkabag

EcoArmour™ is available in 1 tonne or 25 kilogram packaging and appears as a grey powder substance


EcoArmour Setting
3-5 hours subject to ambient temperature

EcoArmour™ will achieve 100% erosion control effectiveness and strength after complete drying

Mixture & Application

EcoArmour Installation Temperature
Installation must occur at 5 degrees celsius and rising
EcoArmour™ must be agitated for a combined total of 20 minutes.
Mixture must be agitated utilising Hydroseeder equipment.
EcoArmour Mixture Time
Consideration must be made for wind and wind direction
Working time will be reduced in hot temperatures and increased in colder temperatures.
If setting is delayed, avoid trafficking the area until sufficiently dried.

Shear Velocity

EcoArmour™ is able to withstand high shear velocity
EcoArmour Shear Velocity

Fire Resistant

EcoArmour Fire Resistant
EcoArmour™ does not contain any flamable components and is flame resistant


EcoArmour™ sets to form a hydrophobic surface which is completely impermeable to water.
EcoArmour Impermeable

Common Installations

EcoArmour™ features excellent adhesion properties to various substrates, including soil, clay, sand and sandy loam, rock, shale and weathered concrete, and can be applied to areas that are extremely difficult to manage and access.

EcoArmour Slopes & Batters

Slopes & Batters

EcoArmour™ is most commonly used for slope protection and slope stabilisation projects due to its superior erosion control qualities.

EcoArmour Swales & Drains

Swales & Drains

Acting as an effective weed suppressant, EcoArmour™ reduces costs in maintenance and installation while adding additional levels of impermeability and fire protection.

EcoArmour Levee Stabilisation

Levee Stabilisation

With greater installation efficiency, EcoArmour™ costs less and is able to be installed in areas with reduced access with ease, eliminating safety risks.

EcoArmour Bund & Culvert Lining

Bund & Culvert Linings

EcoArmour™ offers a cost-effective alternative to repairing damaged culverts and containment bunds, offering a durable means of erosion protection

Colour Matching

For aesthetic purposes, a custom colouring agent may be added to the EcoArmour™ blend, achieving colours varying form grey to brown and red to green to blend in with the surrounding environment.

EcoArmour Colour Matching